About Ann-Sofie Gremaud


Ann-Sofie Nielsen Gremaud (b. 1981).

I am a Danish/Swiss researcher of cultural history, currently based in Reykjavík, Iceland. I have studied Art History and Scandinavian Literature at the University of Aarhus and spent a few years working in Iceland. During my years of researching the field of Danish-Icelandic cultural history and visual culture as a contact zone, I have met interesting people, read some amazing work and published a bit.

As of 2018 I am affiliated with the University of Iceland as an associate professor at the department of Danish. I will be a part of the research network The Art of Nordic Colonialism: Writing Transcultural Art Histories 2019-2023.

My PhD thesis about crypto-colonial elements in Icelandic nation building and the importance of landscape imagery “Kryptokoloniale Landskaber. Tid, sted og rum i billeder af islandsk landskab 1874-2011” (2012) was the culmination of a three year project at the University of Copenhagen (the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies) – as well as an onset for new research.

2013-2017 I was affiliated with the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen as a postdoctoral fellow with the research project Geographies of Crisis: Post-Industrial Landscapes in the North Atlantic as a part of a larger joint research project. September 2013 to August 2014 I was a visiting scholar at the Edda Center of Excellence at Háskóli Íslands (Reykjavík).

I have worked as a freelance writer and lecturer and taught at Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland.

My primary areas of interest are

  • Discourses about Danish and Westnordic colonial history
  • Post-colonial and crypto-colonial theories in a developing (West Nordic) field
  • Visual Culture with a focus on depictions of nature
  • Environmental Humanities and Ecology
  • Affect in cultural politics and art
  • Cultural Geography, theories of place and space
  • Industrial ruins and the aesthetics of the vanishing
  • Nordic art and visual culture from the period 1874-2013, especially the period 1990-2013
  • Eurocentrism, crypto-colonial studies, postcolonial theory and globalization theory
  • Imagology, nationalism in young nations and cultural encounters
  • Overlapping fields of science and art
  • Modern art in the North Atlantic countries (primarily Icelandic art)
  • Theories of temporality, relationships between Western philosophy of history, teleology, imperialism and racism
  • Neo-romanticism, paganism and spirituality in the North
  • Fin de siècle literature and art
  • Queer theory, gender studies

I give talks and lectures on:

Icelandic nation branding and culture

Icelandic as center and periphery

The Arctic as a future geography

The changing role of nature in Icelandic society

Crypto-colonial Iceland

Danish use of Icelandic culture in national identity formation

Icelandic modern art

Danish Commonwealth (Rigsfællesskabet), colonies and dependencies

Visual culture


annsofiegremaud@gmail.com / gremaud@hi.is

tel. : +4528973397



1 thought on “About Ann-Sofie Gremaud

  1. Liebe Ann Sophie
    Nachträglich gratulieren wir dir ganz herzlich zum PhD. Capeau!
    Wir freuen uns darauf euch alle im August zu treffen. Liebe Grüsse senden dir und Jon-Gisli
    Heiri und Brigitte

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