Nordeuropaforum – open access journal for Northern European Studies

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The journal has been based at the Humboldt University for decades, but recently renewed its website where an extensive archive of articles can be found. Due to the open access policy and the great interest in Scandinavian Studies in Germany the journal reaches a large audience.

The journal covers the large field of Scandinavian and Baltic cultural studies and recent articles have dealt with nationalism, elections, literature, cultural narratives, gender studies, and media discourses.

Furthermore a large number of relevant publications are reviewed in the journal. These reviews are also to be found on the website.

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The Berlin based journal publishes scientific articles in German and English. All articles are subjected to double blind peer review and the journal is available online: 

For scholars who wish to publish an article in the journal please have a look at the style sheet here:


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“We promote the German/European-Scandinavian dialog and see ourselves as a forum for the interchange of ideas in the Baltic Sea and North Atlantic regions.”




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