The New North Atlantic at Berkeley this spring

At the multi-disciplinary SASS conference at Berkeley (San Francisco) May 2-4 “Denmark and the New North Atlantic” is presented at a stream on the first two days of the conference.



At the stream “Focus on Nordatlanten” most of the involved researchers from Norway, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Germany and the Faeroe Islands will be presenting their contributions to the joint project.

The organizers of the stream Kirsten Thisted, Malan Marnersdottir and Elisabeth Oxfeldt raise questions about the North Atlantic as a region that will be at the core of the discussion:

 It is generally believed that shared characteristics, common challenges, and historical, institutional and cultural links bind the region together. However, one might argue that in reality the conditions are so different that the idea of a particular region might seem a mere construction. Does “Nordatlanten” exist outside the Nordic Council of Ministers’ initiatives and as more than a symbolic location like Nordatlantens Brygge (the North Atlantic House) in Copenhagen?


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