Iceland positioning itself in the Arctic Region

With the new Centre for Arctic Policy Studies at Háskóli Íslands and the upcoming conference Trans Arctic Agenda on March 18 and 19 in Reykjavík, Iceland is moving ever more quickly on to the scene of Arctic politics.

856428_513941895321371_1548085923_oOn the conference’s facbook page it says:

“The Trans-Arctic conference will bring together experts and policy-formers from all the large and small nations most interested in Arctic developments. It will not look for national differences but for common agendas. It will ask if current governance methods are coping with the growing agenda or if not, what more could be done to ease cooperation at the state, business, and popular levels. It will end with special emphasis on the roles of the small Nordic states, and of Iceland itself – the only sovereign nation to lie entirely within the Arctic.”

This positioning as a key player on the scene of responsible policy making in the field of energy and tourism as well as a clear geographical identification with the arctic region are interesting tendencies, which mark the opportunity of Iceland becoming a centre for innovation in a rapidly changing region facing colossal challenges.


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